The Brikkle

Let us repurpose  lets reuse and Newcycle



My idea is to change the way plastic containers are produced and to introduce another way of thinking about there design

I propose that bottles should be seen as a building material and in order to do that they should be made like bricks as a basis for building a  hybrid  BRICK and Bottle combination

I call it a Brikkle we have a problem with the amount of plastic we use and throw away .not everybody recycles sadly so I go for repurposing

  The bottle has hardly changed since the time of Egyptians

let us make a bottle for the 21st century.


Click on AR to see the Brikkle in your room

At the moment bottles are designed to identify a brand to make us purchase their products but if they would compete to make the best reusable container that might make people want there brand could lead the world in rethinking the problems we have with our current usage of plastic and help to create a new aid bottle to the growing disasters that are occurring more frequently due to the changes in our weather

we showed it on Dutch TV